Software Development

o Squeak Smalltalk
General Squeak is probably one of the most amazing software projects on this planet today. Its capabilities include everything from education over sophisticated web application frameworks to sound processing and 3D environments. Even it's virtual machine is written, debuggable and executable in itself and c-code is generated to produce high performance platform-dependent executables.
Goodies Playing with squeak morphic, I saw WarpBlt which seems to provide exactly the functionality I need to port an old java applet I did in 1997. WarpSketchMorph is a Morphic implementation similar to my DynFlex applet.
It is my first Morphic work so there might be flaws, but it works quite well here on both 3.6 and 3.7beta. You can download the changeset (version 7) here.

You can either create one by evaluating
WarpSketchMorph new openInWorld.
and choose an image with the "Choose new graphic..." halo menu item or use
(WarpSketchMorph withForm: <yourForm>) openInWorld.

Please let me know about any bugs or design issues!