Software Development

o Dolphin Smalltalk
General My current favourite Smalltalk implementation is Dolphin Smalltalk™ from Object Arts. It is a Smalltalk implementation solely for Microsoft Windows™ operating systems that is easy to use and with excellent utilization of windows features.
Goodies JRPackageManager is a Goodie that allows you to save a list of all the currently installed packages in your image for reinstallation into a fresh base image without user intervention. Moreover, if you install the patch package also, it tries to resolve missing prerequisite packages automatically instead of popping up a file selector. Please see the package comments for details. The packages are tested on my XP system with Dolphin 5.1.2 and work without any trouble, but nevertheless there are probably bugs inside. Note that the patch package tries to save the original method it replaces: PackageSelector>>openPackageFile: in the package directory and tries to restore it on uninstall. So you should not be left with non-functional package installation after uninstall. Pleas feel free to send comments and bug reports any time!